Take action

There are several things you can do to help save Ashton Vale Fields and stop Longmoor Village being built on green belt land.

  1. Object. The most important thing you can do is object to the planning proposal. Objections can still be made. To do so, use this link.

    On this page we list some of the most useful grounds you can use to object to this specific planning application.

  2. Lobby. Contact the local councillors. Tell them why you think the proposed development should be turned down.

    You can contact the local representatives for BS3 in South Bristol here. The Councillors are Tessa Fitzjohn (Green Party) Mark Bradshaw (Labour Party). Please always be polite, these are just people doing their jobs. The world does not need any more hate right now.

    It is worth noting that this blog, about how to best object to planning applications, says it is not worth contacting the local Member of Parliament (MP).

  3. Sign this petition. Ashton Vale Green Belt is not the only area of land in Bristol under threat. This petition calls for: No more building on green spaces in the City of Bristol!

  4. Spread the word. Tell other people who you know that will care about this issue to also object, contact the councillors, sign the petition and keep spreading the word.

Finally, if you can only do one thing – then object to the planning application.

Thank you.