Planning permission is being sought to build 510 homes up to 5 storeys high on green belt land between Silbury Road, David Lloyd and the Park and Ride in Ashton Vale, South Bristol.

The area, known to residents as Ashton Vale Fields, is under threat as the owners want to sell off one of the fields to build “Longmoor Village“.

These fields have been fought over before. Local groups like “Ashton Vale Heritage” and the original “SAVE” (Save Ashton Vale Environment) helped get part of this land designated as a town and village green. Local people are now coming together again to object to this new proposal, save the green belt and protect our green open spaces.

The proposed site in sunshine

We are not against the proposed new Sporting Quarter at Ashton Gate.

We also agree that Bristol needs more truly affordable housing. But we do not feel that building Longmoor Village on green belt land is the answer. Especially when there are so many brownfield sites available.

Click here to learn more about how you can take action to save the Ashton Vale green belt. Comments on the planning application can still be made. Yes, the 21-day window ended on August 11th 2021, but that is just a legal minimum. Comments are still open.

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The proposed site near sunset